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Canloab, Alergia
September 2013
Film photos part 2

After that long, excruciating habal habal ride, we finally arrived to our destination proper. And again, I didn’t take as much photos as before because I was so excited to take a dip into the water hahaha! I easily get distracted okay. It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon when we got there. Like any of our past adventures, this one was also kind of tough because the ground has huge, slippery boulders so it’s important to take caution when uhm, walking.

For now, we haven’t had any trips to northern Cebu nor to the southern part. Medellin, San Remegio, Bantayan, and other northern towns were affected by Yolanda. But they’ll be fine because Cebuanos were born fighters! Char. Also, I’m really busy with my thesis. I feel like crying inside every time as I continue to accomplish it huhu. Crunch time all the time! When this is over, I swear I’ll do nothing but explore places. Two more months. I promise.

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