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Oslob, Cebu
January 2014

I kicked off this year with an adventure I had with my family and with the whale sharks! It’s been awhile since we (me and my family) had gone to trips here in Cebu because my parents are always busy - my mother taking care of our business and my father being in Singapore. I was glad that I got to spend my first time in Oslob with them. And it’s also my first time snorkeling haha! Our underwater shots are beyond lame because my brothers and I are not really swimmers and it’s difficult to sink with the life vests. I wanted to take the vest off but I can’t risk drowning myself because of the strong current and the fact that I can’t swim nor float haha! But nonetheless, it was fun being with the whale sharks though one left me with a bruise and a scratch on my right leg. Don’t be deceived by their skin because it’s not smooth at all. I should’ve known. Overall, I enjoyed the entire experience!

Ginatilan, Cebu
December 2013 
Part 3

These were the highlights of our Ginatilan trip - Inambakan Falls and this high peak (I forgot the name, sorry guise). According to the locals, the falls actually have 3 levels. We didn’t proceed going to the next two levels because it was raining that day and the path was really slippery and of course, dangerous. My photo didn’t do justice to how amazing it looks like in real-life, so here’s an awesome shot taken by Yutiu. Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, we embarked on a long journey to the mountains. I was glad that the sun wasn’t scorching. However, the rainy weather was not much of help. You can feel the coldness and the mist up the peak. It was awesome! Sucks tho that I left my film camera. Tsk. Gayaya lang jud ko. Hahaha!

Hello new followers! Happy 2014 and welcome to my so-called blog. You’ll be bored with my posts, I swear haha! But thanks for following anyway and thanks Tumblr radar for spotting this owl 

Hello, 2014! Here’s to the new year, to more memories, to life!

Hello, 2014! Here’s to the new year, to more memories, to life!